Choose Wordpress Hosting Choose The Best Hosting

Choose Wordpress Hosting Choose The Best Hosting

Wordpress Hosting In this blog you will all know, which hosting will be right for you, so let's start. only three companies that WordPress themselves recommends hosting WordPress site 1 Bluehost, 2 Dreamhost and the last one is Site Ground, etc

Let's See

WordPress three sites recommend the pros and cons

Site Ground Pros and Cons


  • Recommended by WordPress
  • One-Click Install
  • Free SSL

WordPress really recommends this Company but it does not stop there They are also really easy to install They are very fast serving and they are reliable, but for me, one of the biggest pros is that it comes with a free SSL

A Certificate so that lots of professionals can be used for site ground


  • Mid Price
  • Limited Data Plan

The first cons are that it's not the cheapest option out there it's about a mid-price it's also not the most expensive overall I do think site-ground is some of the best bangs for your buck but there are cheaper options out there if money is very tight for you.

Next con is that their hosting plans come with a limit to how much data you can actually upload to the server so if you have a website that's gonna have a ton of high-resolution graphics a ton of high-resolution videos that you're trying to upload to the server Site Ground may not be the best option for you.

BlueHost Pros and Cons


  • Recommended by WordPress
  • High Affiliates Commission

Bluehost and they're also recommended by WordPress themselves to be used as a hosting service for WordPress but here's a dirty little secret about Bluehost part of the reason they're one of the most popular hosting companies out there is that they pay a very high affiliate Commission a lot of people out there say that Bluehost is the best because they make the most money off of it now that being said I do think Bluehost is great and I do personally use them


  • OverPrice

I think that they're a little bit overpriced so that's a con as

Dreamhost Pros and Cons


  • Recommended by Wordpress

Dream host and a big Pros for them again is they are recommended by WordPress themselves so it's one of only three companies that WordPress recommends to host WordPress website so that's a big Pros


  • It's Expensive

They're more expensive than site ground or Bluehost which are also recommended by WordPress and I don't think they have added features that make it worth that extra price


Now It's time to announce a winner I think depends on what you're looking for if you looking for the fastest company. if you're looking cheapest company what you want which service you want then buy I personally recommended is Bluehost

I hope Choose Wordpress Hosting  article is helpful

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