Remove Pimples In One day Home Remedies

Remove Pimples

Remove pimples is too easy pimple is temporary, not permanent so don't care but in this article, I'm sharing How To Remove Pimple In One Day With Home Remedies

Why do pimples come How to remove pimples

Our skin produces sebum liquid to keep the skin healthy and with it our dead cells. Pimples occur when a liquid blocks the hair follicle

How To Remove Pimples

  • Tab the pimples with ice as it will press the pimples
  • Clean your face with rose water
  • Take honey and lemon and mix it and apply it on the pimples and wash after 20 minutes
  • Take peppermint and aloe vera gel and mix it apply on pimples and go to sleep

After that, your pimples go away

Remove Pimples

How To care of Your Face

  • Drink Lot of water
  • Quit Smoking
  • Use Proper Facewash
  • Quit Oily Food and Sugar Food
  • Add Vitamin in your Diet

Drink Water

The human body is made up of 70% by water and water is the main thing to remove pimples. Drink a lot of water Because water remove your skin problems minimum drink 3 liters per day

Quit Smoking

If your Smoker then you have a skin problem. if you want to remove your skin pimples, skin disorder, acne, etc

Remove Pimples

Use Proper Facewash

Which brand facewash to use any brand use facewash but without paraben and buy facewash with added salicylic acid this is best for you skin before you do facewash step first is wash your face with warm water because of warm water opens your pores or clean oil, dirt and use facewash as circular motion 30 second because of circular motion increase your blood flow and helps to glowing skin after 30-second wash face normal water because normal water close your pores

Quit Oily Food and Sugared food

Oily food is the main reason to happen pimples

Add Vitamins in your Diet

Add Vitamin-c in your diet vitamin-c helps repair your skin eats vitamin-c food like orange, broccoli, or add Zinc, Vitamin-A, etc.

First Use these home remedies if you do not see the result then please visit the skin dermatologist. I hope this article is helpful please share it with a skin problem peoples and friends

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