Buy Bitcoin - Easy Steps For Beginners Guide

Howdy, Buyers if you want to buy bitcoin but you don't know How To Buy Bitcoin ok in this article you will learn How To Buy Bitcoin and How To Sell Bitcoin. What is P2P Transaction? is bitcoin legal in all Countries? Let's See

How To Buy Bitcoin - Easy Steps For Beginners Guide

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the digital cryptocurrency you can save a digital wallet called Blockchain and Coinbase you can transfer bitcoin one person to another which means Bitcoin is not a physical currency you see only digital currency. All Countries have their currency all we know that called national currency but you have a question. What is cryptocurrency?

What Is Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency you cannot touch them or you cannot see in physical. you will see in a digital wallet you can use the same as a national currency. The main difference between but National Currency and cryptocurrency?

How To Buy Bitcoin - Easy Steps For Beginners Guide

Cryptocurrency and National Currency

The national currency is you can use only national not international all countries that have their currency like the United States have Dollars similarly India have Rupees. you can use only their countries otherwise you can exchange the currency for international uses but in bitcoin, you can use worldwide and bitcoin is a computer file. cryptocurrency is high fluctuated currency means daily price increase and decrease but in the national currency, this not high fluctuated this is the difference between.

How To Buy Bitcoin - Easy Steps For Beginners Guide

 Buy Bitcoin

To buying bitcoin, you must have a digital wallet like Coinbase or blockchain. If you Don't have an account then create it you can save your bitcoins in a digital wallet. You can buy or sell your bitcoins. one of the best and safest ways to buy or sell bitcoin that called P2p transaction, What is P2P Transaction.

What is P2P Transaction?

P2P Means Example A Person Buying cryptocurrency and B Person Selling then A Person Transfer Money to B person's account Then B Person Transfer Crypto To A Person That called P2P Transaction.

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