How To Impress A Girl

How To Impress A Girl

How To Impress A Girl What's up everyone my name is Santosh and I have any fun list for you guys Reading today it's a list of How To Impress A Girl I know for a fact girls like to see young guys stylish items that every girl is gonna love seeing you wear and not only that but I have to be honest alright when I see a guy wearing these things on this list I stop a look and I have to say I'm like that dude looks good alright I'm jealous I need to step my game up so let's get started with

How To Impress A Girl

  1. 1. Wearing Suits

number one on today's list something that I know for a fact girls love to see guys wearing and I'm talking about a perfectly tailored suit when you think of yourself wearing something that's going to impress everyone when you think of yourself wearing something that's going to command respect and it's gonna make you look like a boss what do you think of yourself wearing it's a suit makes you look like the man it's what you wear for the most important for the most special occasions right for the Golden Globes for the Emmys for the Oscars for the sweet 16 parties for the prom for homecoming it's a suit the thing about suits though they have to fit you perfectly from head to toe okay maybe not have but from the neck to toe okay your shoulders can't be out here hanging off your shoulder you know what 

I mean your pants can't be too baggy covering your shoes and stacked up against them and your sleeves they can't be all the way over here covering your hands and your watch they have to end at the right place it doesn't mean you have to get a designer expensive suit but it does mean that you have to get it tailored if he doesn't fit you right away and let me tell you something most suits that come off the shelf off the rack they don't fit you right you have to get them tailored so I would rather spend less money on the suit and then more money getting it tailored then more money on the suit and no money on getting it tailored that's a bad mistake

  1. 2. Wearing Accessories

number two something that I know also for a fact that girls love seeing on guys because it's happened to me before is accessories alright when I wear accessories out girls always comment on them especially rings if I'm wearing like two or three rings they're like oh what's up with the rings what do they mean what's going on you know and you just talk it's a good way to break the ice it's a good way to get a conversation started it's also an easy way to spruce up an outfit makes you feel a little bit better you know what I mean if 

I wasn't wearing this watch right now it'd be a little bit too basic I could even throw some rings here's a bracelet and it would be awesome if you don't have any accessories yet I definitely recommend you get some whether it rings a necklace this watches and of course sunglasses and sunglasses is a whole nother tip for this article  because they're extra important

  1. 3. Sunglasses 

all right they're not just to finalize your outfit they actually make you look better according to science the most attractive face is the most symmetrical face so your left side of your face will match your right side of your face and vice versa so there'll be more symmetrical and the cool thing about sunglasses it does just that so
your left side of your face is gonna look way more like your right side 

if you're wearing sunglasses they also hide imperfections like you know dark circles under your eyes or bags under your eyes which you don't want because you've been drinking all night or something like that right so you wear sunglasses to hide any imperfections

  1. 4. Fresh Haircut 

one thing I know for a fact guys is that girls absolutely love a fresh haircut on guys and who can blame them right I mean who doesn't like having a fresh haircut I know I love it I get my hair cut every two weeks or so every three weeks sometimes 

if I could afford it and if I had time for it I'd probably get it done every three days let's be honest it just looks nice it keeps you looking fresh and clean usually after a haircut your hair starts growing uneven lean right which is normal of course but the longer it grows the longer you wait the more uneven it gets and if you have a fade on the sides right here or in the back right then you have to get it done more often because then it kind of grows in and you lose the fade it doesn't look as good and some parts are darker than others right now I'm letting my sides grow so it's a little bit easier because 

I can go about three weeks without cutting my hair and it doesn't look that bad but if you guys are walking phase you have to make sure to get a cut at least every two weeks just so it looks perfectly even this

  1. 5. Modern Clothing  

next one is something that's new it's modern it's like this new generation and it's true though and I'm talking about casual laid-back clothing girls love that nowadays if you haven't been to LA yet first of all you should I love the city I'm gonna be here for a long time so you can definitely visit but second it's not exactly what you would imagine yes it's true we do run into celebrities all the time here in Hollywood west Hollywood it happens but they're not wearing what you think they would be wearing they're rocking like casual clothing sometimes athleisure most of the time actually athleisure and then other times just like a hoodie joggers chilling like casual laid-back clothing and 

I'm telling you that's the new trend but hold up guys just because it's a trend to wear a casual laid-back clothing does not mean that you should be rocking like dirty old sweatpants that's not the same at all also doesn't mean they have to go buy expensive sweatpants all it means is it needs to be clean and it needs to fit you properly you know for like a nice comfortable baggy hoodie if you want but you're joggers you know they need to be slim fitting they need to hug your ankles properly and they need to have that tailored look I can tell you right now that comfy does not mean ugly alright just because 

I'm going to the store in my comfy clothes doesn't mean I'm going to store my ugly old dirty clothes not the same but girls like those outfits on guys because it's a more laid-back look he makes you look more approachable more fun it makes you look like you're chilling and you're not trying too hard and that's what's attractive about it

  1. 6. Find Your Colour 

next up guys this is an important one finding your color you know anywhere that shirt maybe you just bought it yesterday you can wear it out for the first time and people come up to you and they're like I love that color on you it looks really good that's the color that looks good on you that's your color maybe it's because it goes well with your skin tone maybe it matches your eyes or maybe you know it goes well with your hair color either way that color enhances your outfit your aesthetic and your overall look and don't be scared to just ask people you know do you think this color is good on me should 

I get something different if you're buying something at the store a good icebreaker to talk to a cute girl if she's there is just ask her this is this shirt looked good on me should I get this or not that's a great way of interacting with someone and getting to know them and also getting something out of it right you're getting her opinion if you have green eyes you might want to try a green shirt if you have blue eyes a blue shirt and so on and so forth because that brings out the colors of your eyes and
that's really good so find your color

I'm sure they're gonna be getting compliments non-stop and girls are gonna love it and I'm sure you're gonna find ones that fit you properly and they're gonna make you look amazing and of course, don't forget to hit the subscribe button below to become part of the Blogger family because we keep growing and I cannot wait to get the diamond one all right 

I hope you this article is helps you for How To Impress A Girl I'm excited it's gonna be able gonna be a long we're gonna be here for a while writing articles but we'll get there alright and my Instagram is Santosh Waghmare I really appreciate the new followers that I got there recently so thank you guys for following really appreciate it thank you guys so much and I'll see you again soon peace

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