Ten Healthy Habits Before 18 Should Be Included In Your Daily Routine For A Good Life.

Ten Healthy Habits Before 18 Should Be Included In Your Daily Routine For A Good Life.

Hello guys and welcome back to my blog today's blog post I'm going to be sharing with you guys 10 Healthy habits that I think are so valuable to be doing daily so without further ado let's go ahead and jump into the blog so my

Before You, Turn 18, Try To Get These Ten Healthy Habits To Improve Your Lifestyle.

1. Read Books 

The first tip doesn't come as a shocker and that is to read I think reading books is so so important in life I've always been a reader but this year I've recently read more and more books I kind of came up with a daily routine I read a chapter of my self-help book in the morning and a chapter of my fiction book and the evening and it helps me read and accumulate a lot of knowledge and it's so easy to incorporate into my routine I do it right when I wake up and have my morning coffee and right at night right before falling asleep 

Ten Healthy Habits Before 18 Should Be Included In Your Daily Routine For A Good Life.

it's so simple I actually read 21 books so far this year and I am still going strong reading every single day is mentally stimulating and it helps keep your brain active your brain is like a muscle and every time that you read or do something mind-stimulating it definitely creates a more active brain and keeps it super strong it also decreases stress and it's also so much fun I really just love diving into a world that I don't know kind of jumping into the minds of these authors and it's really really fun for me and so interesting and I learn so much knowledge is power it's so the

2. Brain Activity 

The second thing that you should be doing daily is stimulating your Blaine Blaine obviously I don't stimulate my Blaine because I just called it a Blaine but the second tip is to stimulate your brain doing things such as crossword puzzles Sudoku doing actual puzzles and other certain things that stimulate your brain is a really good mental exercise and helps create analytical thinking for yourself and helps you become better at problem-solving 

Ten Healthy Habits Before 18 Should Be Included In Your Daily Routine For A Good Life.

it's just really really good again it's mentally stimulating and it's kind of like a brain exercise and keeps your brain strong and healthy it boosts your brain activity because it is a mental exercise so it's just very very powerful it actually increases your concentration and your brain processing speed so it's just really really good for you mentally some other things that you can do is cooking learning a new language coloring taking a class or doing worksheet things that you used to do in school you can also listen to a TED talk or podcast just little things like that 

I recently did a puzzle and it was so much fun and I actually just bundled it back into the little box this morning and it was so heartbreaking  

3. Gratitude 

The third thing that I have is gratitude I cannot express the benefit and power of gratitude more gratitude is something that just so benefits you

Ten Healthy Habits Before 18 Should Be Included In Your Daily Routine For A Good Life.

It increases your positive thinking your happiness your success your love for others and compassion towards others there's three ways of showing gratitude that I really really like the first one is at night to journal and write three things that three people did for you whether that was open the door for you help you you know mow your lawn like whatever the case is three things that put a smile on your face that other people brought to you and three things that you did to put a smile on other people's faces another way that you can show gratitude is actually through a gratitude Rock

 I actually got this from the magic it's a rock that you put next to your bed and you hold the rock every time you go to bed the fact that it's right next to your nightstand just makes it so easy you just grab over grab the rock name three things that you're grateful for and put it back down so every time excuse me so every time that you look at that rock you're instantly kind of reminded to do your daily gratitude it's just a really good way to kind of end your night and then another thing, of course, is just to name three things that you're grateful for you don't have to write it down you can just literally say it or just go through it your day and just when you're grateful for something kind of notice it and stay in that moment and the feel the gratitude while you're going through it your day just simple things in your mind if you don't really have time to sit there and do a gratitude journal  

4. Daily Intention

The fourth thing to do is to set a daily intention I know setting intentions it's something really really powerful and a lot of successful people do this but having a daily intention creates kind of a change throughout each and every day and it creates a focal point and a focus that you're kind of aligning your day around which can help you attain your goals that much faster so a daily intention could be as simple as today I focus on my posture and me will focus on creating alignment with my posture sitting up straight arching my shoulders back you want to make this limit list you don't want to say I want to eat three healthy meals and 

Ten Healthy Habits Before 18 Should Be Included In Your Daily Routine For A Good Life.

I want this for dinner this for breakfast this for lunch you want it to be limitless so things that you're working towards so for example instead of saying I'm gonna eat this meal at this time in this meal at this time your daily intention could be I'm going to focus on my eating put food in my body that gives me power and energy and feels healthy before and after eating just little things like that creates more of an open broad intention rather than a limit kind of setpoint and that would kind of create stress having a more limitless intention creates more open space and flow in your day you're aligning your daily actions to align with the life that you want I find that when I create daily intentions I get more goals done throughout the day

5. Move Your Body

So the fifth thing that I have is to move your body every day but also listen to it, I don't think that like extreme working out every single day is healthy for you, I feel like rest is super beneficial it's just as important as moving your body and getting daily exercise so I think here listening to your body first and foremost so for example if you're super pumped and you're ready to kind of just push that energy out you can you know go for a run or go through a strength training class or a boxing class if you're kind of Zen and you're not really feeling comfortable and you want to just relax take a walk or practice yoga and stretching 

Ten Healthy Habits Before 18 Should Be Included In Your Daily Routine For A Good Life.

if you're kind of in the mix of both try cycling you know listen to your body but at the same time move your body every day if you're feeling lazy that's not a sign to just sit in bed and do nothing try just stretching or take a little leisurely walk a lot of us have jobs where we sit all day and sitting all day is killing us when you start walking and incorporating movement into your day it will not only get your body flowing but just increase your happiness so if you do have an office job at lunch maybe go take a walk around the block when you go to the bathroom every timeinstead of taking the easy route why don't you go take a walk around the lobby and then go to the bathroom just little things like that to incorporate daily movement into your routine is so so important 

6. Vitamin-D

So the sixth thing that I have is to get healthy exposure to sunshine this is so healthy for your bone health believe it or not I actually just read that one I did not know that the vitamin D obviously is good for your bones but getting sun exposure is equivalent of creating healthy bones not only that but

Ten Healthy Habits Before 18 Should Be Included In Your Daily Routine For A Good Life.

it reduces stress boost your mood and restores mental energy I noticed this when I even them adjust slightly in the Sun I can just feel my mood lifting healthy sun exposure gives you vitamin D which gets your brain to release the chemical called serotonin which creates more of a calm and focused sense of mental energy which is why people have seasonal depression when there's no sun exposure you get very depressed if you have vitamin D deficiency it can cause depression fatigue and sickness so getting your daily exposure to vitamin D is really really important sometimes I even just like to work out outside and I kind of knocked both through my daily habits out and 

one I get outside and I also work out so it's a really good way to kind of just feel better but also get the vitamins that you need in order to feel happier some ways I get Sun as I sit on my patio in the morning and I'll read I'll work out like I just said all sometimes go sit by the pool or just take a walk 

7. To-Do List

So the 7 thing here to do is to create a to-do list I create to-do lists all the time and again it just kind of helps me prioritize my life so for example, I will put down everything I need to do for the day I have like this huge kind of storm of emotions and thoughts and things that I have to do and I get so overwhelmed and stressed and anxious and worried but then when I write it all out it's kind of just like a brain release you write everything that you need to get done down then you can prioritize group them into different you know subgroups so I have like a work to-do list 

Ten Healthy Habits Before 18 Should Be Included In Your Daily Routine For A Good Life.

I have a general thing to do also write my daily intention on top of my to-do list so it kind of aligns with my intentions and I also have a little section at the bottom I will write my tomorrow's to-do list for anything that I haven't done I'll kind of like allow myself to do it tomorrow it releases all that strenuous creative thought in your mind by just kind of like dumping it out onto the paper in front of you and it looks more realistic on the paper because it's like in a sentence tone kind of thing and when you like to cross it off it feels so good it helps you get things are done quicker faster it helps with time management and effectiveness 

it a really really great thing to do every day you can create ones for work school workouts food all that stuff I just really love to-do list 

8. Hydrated

The 8th thing that I do is I like to drink water throughout the day I think getting hydrated and hydration is so important for your skin your energy and your mood and your health I have this giant cup a Thermo cup so it just stays so so cold I'll just throw a ton of ice in it and I'll keep pouring it and because it's so big I carry it around everywhere helps me drink more water just because I don't have to keep going back and forth back and forth for more and more water I just have it in this huge giant Cup I'll leave it linked down below I actually got it on Amazon and I'll throw ice in it at night and then I wake up and the ice is still there like it's just such a perfect perfect perfect cut 

Ten Healthy Habits Before 18 Should Be Included In Your Daily Routine For A Good Life.

I know it just makes it easier to drink my water sometimes I'll throw a lemon in there and when you drink water throughout the day it flushes out all of your toxins so it's so healthy for you it keeps you fuller longer so you're not mindlessly snacking on things like sometimes when you're hungry you're not really hungry you're just really thirsty and you're dehydrated and it also fuels your brain so it's just really good for you 

9. Self Care 

The ninth thing that I have is self-care self-love so I could be through rest if you're really tired and you're feeling like you need a nap to take a 20-minute power nap like those actually really help a lot I'll set my timer on for 20 minutes when I wake up I am so awake it's unreal like if I take a super long nap in the middle of the day I wake up so groggy so try 20 minutes next time it's actually really really good for your brain and it gets you really full of energy and pumped and

Ten Healthy Habits Before 18 Should Be Included In Your Daily Routine For A Good Life.


I get more done after my nap eating right is also part of self-care meditating cleaning whether that's yourself or you know your environment in your space self-love increases your energy 

it increases positive thinking reduces stress and anxiety and also slows your day down and you're able to not only love yourself more but show that love towards other people and other things that you're doing and in turn, create more productivity for yourself and relationships it's just a really overall great thing to incorporate every single day 

10. Project / Hobby 

The last and finally have that I feel it's so important is to have a side project or hobby this is so good for your mind your soul it challenges you it sparks creativity and it's something that you really really love you can learn so much with it you can gain skills knowledge power it's just a really good thing to kind of get your creativity out but at the same time do something that you really genuinely love

Ten Healthy Habits Before 18 Should Be Included In Your Daily Routine For A Good Life.

helps you grow spiritually as well just because you are working towards a passion and a goal you have no deadlines there's no budget you're kind of just doing what you want and what you love without these limits that life throws at you this is your time your sacred space and when you do have ways to make money from it, that's just a bonus because of I personally feel that having multiple sources of income are like so so important if you have multiple sources of income and one of them fails you still, have all the rest left so instead of having one giant source of income 

if that fails you're screwed if you have multiple sources of income-you're good because if one kind of goes down the other could plumb it up or not that you still have all the other sources of income I just think it's important but but that aside from creating music grow a garden coach a sport write a book start a YouTube channel take a photography class volunteer to renovate something like a car or a freakin RV and renovate an RV that would be so cool if you do let me know I might buy it from you but yeah 

Just little things like that are really really really really important when it comes to just like your mental creative spirit soul otherwise seriously it's just really good for you spiritually that is it for this blog post if you guys like this blog post definitely give it a thumbs up if you do these things or have anything else to add to the list definitely pop it down below I would love to know but that said I hope you guys enjoyed and I will see you guys all in a future blog post 
bye guys

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