How To Different Hairstyles Five Hair Mistakes Everyone Should Fix Hair Tips.

How To  Different Hairstyles Five Hair Mistakes Everyone Should Fix Hair Tips. 

What's up everyone welcome back to my to blog if your new here my name is Santosh just a few years ago my hair looks like crap I had no idea what to do with it I didn't know what products to use how to style hair it or what to ask for at the barbershop oh my friend as you can see I found the upgrade button it wasn't easy but I spent the last few years learning everything there is to know about hair and I have to say it was worth every minute but 

I don't want you to have to go through the same thing I don't want you to make the same mistakes I did I only found out how to have like nice hair when I was like 20 years old that is crazy you know how many dates I missed out on all those years way too many alright so today I have an article of the 

How To Hairstyle Different Five Hair Mistakes Everyone Should Fix Hair Tips.

And How To Fix It 

 Number 1

 Having The Same Hairstyle For Years

How To  Different Hairstyle Five Hair Mistakes Everyone Should Fix Hair Tips.

I know so many guys friends of mine who have had the same exact hairstyle since they were 16 it is insane to me look your face changed your bones are different you grew a beard but your hairstyle is still the same exact thing that makes no sense it's time to change it out so this is you what I would recommend is stop being so scared of a little change or I try something new who cares if it doesn't look good the first time around let it grows back to try something new the second time and then the third time who cares hair grows right back so you'd be fine either way you can go short let it grow you can get a fade you can get your hair colored it really doesn't matter a little change is always good

Number 2

Having Wrong Products 

How To  Different Hairstyle Five Hair Mistakes Everyone Should Fix Hair Tips.

The second mistake that I see way too many guys making is using the wrong products and I was definitely guilty of this one I had no idea what clay was or pomade or the difference between them I just used gel every day of my life lots and lots of very cheap joke well not anymore guys now I know what type of hair I have you know I need a clay I need a heavy hold clay with low shine that's gonna hold my hair up all day long and guys if you're looking for the right product for your hair if you're looking for insane hold that's not gonna make your hairstyle fall flat halfway through the day then you're looking for clay it 

Number 3

Not Finding Photos Online

How To  Different Hairstyle Five Hair Mistakes Everyone Should Fix Hair Tips.

Next mistake is not finding hairstyle photos online to show your barber what are you kidding me how do you expect your barber to know what you want it is so hard to verbalize that right guy there are so many dope hairstyle photos online take some time to look them up and bring them on your phone when you go to get your hair cut it's gonna make his life so much easier and you're gonna get a better haircut so it's a win-win check Instagram I look for the hashtag men's hair style there are literally millions of photos out there and I know not a lot of guys use Pinterest but this is actually a good reason to start using and go on Pinterest type in men's hair style and trust me you're gonna get thousands of really dope hairstyle photos I post hairstyle photos on my Instagram all the time if you like it head over to Fashion affair on Instagram screenshot some of them or go to my highlights where it says hair style brings that to your barber trust me he's gonna be super happy that you're making his life easier

Number 4

Trying Any Treatments

How To  Different Hairstyle Five Hair Mistakes Everyone Should Fix Hair Tips.

another mistake that I see way too many guys make look a lot of guys are just stubborn like too stubborn to try any treatments like a hair mask or a Brazilian blowouts and I know it's true because I didn't do any of that for years alright I thought oh I thought it was for girls that's the truth you know why the hell would I need a hair mask I'm a guy but let me tell you guys girls do it for a reason your hair is going to be completely changed once you start taking care of it start doing weekly mats you can use coconut oil avocado mask or a mask that you buy at a salon or Amazon who cares just make sure you try a few until you figure out which one works the best for your hairstyle

 I'm a huge fan of the coconut oil masks just makes my hair feel so nice like amazing it's good for my dry scalp and it makes my hair even look better like he adds a natural shine to it which I really like and the Brazilian Blowout that thing is like magic I've done a couple of videos on this already but let me know if you guys want to see an updated video on the process I just got one recently a man my hair like I just just feel so good feel so different when you get it done it takes away all the frizz it takes away all the stubborn curls and the waves and it makes my hair so damn soft it's crazy I've done them every four months for the past couple of years and it's a game-changer like your life is actually going to change if you're on the fence just try it you're not gonna regret it alright so you got the right product you got everything else

Number 5

Applying To Much 

How To  Different Hairstyle Five Hair Mistakes Everyone Should Fix Hair Tips.

One of the biggest mistakes that I see guys making is applying way too much of it you don't need all of that product the more products you use the heavier your hair is going to get so you need to apply just the right amount that's not gonna weigh your hair down now the fourth day clay is a very heavy product you have to use very little I use very very little literally I use like like small amount much like this holds my hair up and if for some reason you feel like you put you know you didn't put enough in then you can always add more but if you put too much in the first time around and unfortunately you have to start from scratch you know you have to wash your hair you have to dry it again nobody wants that so go easy small scoops to start and then add more if needed and this is not just about forte this is for every product 

I hope you liked blog and see you guys rocking these hairstyles if you guys gonna follow me on Instagram for hairstyle inspiration it's at Fashion-affair and of course if you liked Today's blog if you learn something new then hit the subscribe button below to become part of the blogging family now so thank you guys so much for spending time with me and I'll see you again very soon peace

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