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What Happened To Chandrayan 2 Mission

What Happened To Chandrayan 2 Mission?


Friends, from today on 7 July, on 22 July, ISRO launched Chandrayaan Mission 2. 
Due to this mission, India was about to become the 4th country to reach the moon after Russia and China and was the first country to land on the South Pole of the moon, but it is very sad that Chandrayaan 2 Our contact was broken only 2.1 kilometers ago, 

2.1 kilometers before landing on the moon's surface, but Proud is of the fact that we spent so many resources and so much work tried to the larger mission and so the successfully.
Friends today's post ahead of us broke why our contact comes to know why Chandrayaan 2.

Chandrayan 2 Mission launch Details.

We will know some interesting things related to the 48 days of Chandrayaan 2
Friends, Chandrayaan 2 Mission, launched on 22 July, entered the orbit of the Earth within 18 minutes 14 seconds, and on 26 July, the first orbit change was made on the second and 29th of July, and then on August 2, the 3rd and the fourth orbit was changed. 
3 August's Vikram Lander of Chandrayaan 2 took the first photo of Earth which means Chandrayaan 2 was photographed by Vikram lander Isro uploaded on the official website, it contains some part of America and The Pacific Ocean was visible. 

On 20 August, Chandrayaan went into the moon's orbit and succumbed to the moon's surface and now only 17,000 Kilomotoris survived the surface of the moon. 21 August was saved from the moon by its 2450 kilometer and now for the first time, it also took photos of the moon, in which the Apollo Creator and Mayer Oriental Basin can be seen clearly but everything went well before the moon reached 2.1 kilometers.

 It was only then that Chandrayaan 2 got separated from its plot, and the mission went silently in the control room. Because Chandrayaan reached its last stop and reached the distance of millions of kilometers and lost contact in the last moment but due to this India could not become the fourth country in the world to land successfully on the moon's surface. We have to wait, but now when it will be planned, who does not know that it will be 11 years from today, Chandrayaan 2 mission is approved? Wase. And now, after 11 years, it was going to land on the moon, now the expenditure of rupees 978 crores has been spent on this mission.

But the good thing is that we have reached the last and still our orbiter is constantly eyeing the moon and successively orbiting the moon, then what is the plan of the future, ISRO's plan is very big in the next decade India with its spacecraft We are preparing to send humans to space, in addition to sending some robotic missions to Venus Mars and Sun, and this was just starting now. Along with the rest to do something and we are confident we will ISRO great success in all of these missions work of the scientists of ISRO year and successful Happy point to compatriot we land them all for the Reach so the distance to the moon.
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