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How To Save Money & 5 Easy Ways To Save Money

How To Save Money & 5 Easy Ways To Save Money

How To Save Money & 5 Easy Ways To Save Money?

How To Save Money & 5 Easy Ways To Save Money. We all feel that our expenses are more in front of our income and we keep looking for new ways to reduce our expenses. Today we will discuss How To Save Money & five smart ways that you cannot save money by using but can also earn extra money. 

It is as if people give all the knowledge to save money, like you use discount coupon code or you reduce expenses as you travel with Ola Uber So use public transport and if you are going outstation for four times in a month, then go to visit only twice, we do not give you such basic knowledge, you all know that by downgrading your lifestyle, everyone can save money but by managing lifestyle. How can you save money? We will tell you in this post.

5 steps are divided into 5 categories 

  1. Designer Clothes & Accessories
  2. Outstation Stays
  3. Local Transport 
  4. Furniture, Appliances & Gadgets 
  5. Office & Rent 

  1. 1. Designer Clothes & Accessories

If you have a wedding or a function in your house and you are thinking of buying a new designer dress, then you do not waste your money by purchasing such a dress. 

It is better to take clothes on rent, anyway, we can wear heavy work clothes once or twice a year only in that fashion if fashion is outdated or oh size does not fit you, oh dress is not your job will come. 

 FLYROBE, RENT OR BEA, LIBERENT Online companies offer brand new designer dresses, accessories, and jewelers for males and females. 

These companies provide customized size fitting pick up and delivery service to the dress for 1 to 3 days. 

Now, how much money can you save from them? Just like if 1 dress is purchased for 10,000 rupees, then you will get the same dress in 2000 rupees on rent, meaning you can save 8000 rupees. If 3 functions come in 1 year So you can save 24000 rupees,
Then it is a matter of saving money if you have any such clothes which you do not use, then you can list that dress on these online portals and also get 9% returns every month. 

  1. 2. Outstation Stays 
Often you go to another city for vacation or any business meeting if you are a lion or you can stay in a home change instead of staying in a 3-star hotel, Airbnb is the best option for this, now how much money can you save in Mumbai? You can get up to ₹ 3000 for a night in any 3-star hotel.

AIRBNB Homestay can be 1500 work for you if you go out of the city twice a year for 5 days then you can save a total of 15000 if you have any extra room in your house, then you can list it by AIRBNB Homestay. May also have extra income

  1. 3. Local Transport 
If you like to travel in an AC car-like Ola Uber, then we are not saying that travel on the bus. But by sharing the cab, you can get the same ride at half price. Like you will be taking a private cab, for 20 km you can take up to 250 rupees. 

If you go by sharing a cab, you can take a ride for 125 rupees, then 1 side you have saved 125 rupees, 250 rupees to come and go and if you go to 22 days office in a month, then you can save 5500 rupees every month and you can save 66000 by the end of the year

  1. 4. Furniture, Appliances & Gadgets
 If you have to move from one city to another because of your job, then buying and selling furniture can be expensive, it is good to rent all these things from an online company like Rentomojo. anything, anywhere, anytime. Technology exploits change quickly, so it is better to rent an electronics device than rent it.

  1. 5. Office On Rent 
If you are a startup or freelancer, then you are better off renting your own office. You can work in the co-working space. If you do not know about the co-working space, then let me tell you that this is a very big office, in it, people of different companies Shares a big office, from 500 to 1000 people can bet and all the office facilities are there and you have to pay according to the person.

 In this, you do not have to make any furniture, there is no lock-in period and there is no deposit and no brokerage. How much money can you save on this? You will get 500sqft semi-furnished office in any metro cities for sixty thousand rupees rent. 

If instead of this four people can work in thirty thousand in the co-working space, that means you can save thirty thousand every month and you can save three lakh sixty thousand till the end of the whole year with this you will get electricity, internet, printer, And coffee will not cost you separate money. 
The package found in this co-working space is all included together.

In these five points, we have not told you to buy anything, just take rent, when your work is finished, then return and by doing this you can save four to five lakhs every year, A rupee saved is a rupee earn
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